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Organizational Culture Change

Organizational cultural change requires a clear understanding of your business strategy and your culture strategy. Our strategy culture alignment assessment will review your strategy and compare it to your current culture to determine if it needs to change in order to achieve your strategic goals. It will also create alignment and consistency across the organization about how the work gets done.

Exude’s culture assessment can be completed in 4 phases. Some organizations are ready to tackle all four phases immediately while others only have the readiness to tackle a single phase in the journey. Either way, Exude will walk side-by-side with you throughout your culture transformation journey.

  1. Define the Culture – Strategy Culture Alignment Workshop
    • Create a common and organization-specific definition of culture
    • Identify the current and most critical cultural beliefs needed to accomplish the goals
    • Create an interdependent team with one voice
    • Establish a set of communication tools that address how to think about doing the work, not just what work needs to be completed
  2. Discover the Culture – Organizational Health + Culture Assessment and Analysis
    • Identify the gaps between current and needed culture for each workgroup in the organization
    • Ascertain the workgroups which have the greatest impact
    • Pinpoint examples of near perfect alignment
    • Establish metrics to track progress and success of the transformation
  3. Develop the Culture Change – Workgroup preparation, actions, and buy-in
    • Prepare people leaders to become culture ambassadors
    • Cascade and translate the strategic goals for each person…demonstrate how each person provides value
    • Connect level of cultural alignment to strategic goals
    • Address organizational health issues which may create road blocks
    • Create short and long-term plans for action to create alignment
  4. Deploy an Aligned Culture – Change Agents, Accountability, Recognition, and Dashboards
    • Exude will support the Implementation of alignment of people, process and technology procedures to your business strategy


Who needs a cultural change?

Today, organizations face growing challenges around globalization, high competition for talent, aging populations, growing harassment claims and the speed of information growing exponentially. With so many changes, happening so fast, important to constantly train your staff and assess your organizational culture and how understanding it can help you execute on your business strategy and ultimately achieve greater performance. We find that organizations who experience the below scenarios are good candidates to evaluate their cultures.

  • Change in leadership
  • High Growth
  • Merger or acquisition
  • Sudden downturn in performance
  • Brain drain – a period of low innovation

What is Culture?

Defining organizational culture is often elusive and like leadership, there are numerous definitions offered. The most common is “how things get done in an organization.” Employee behavior is driven by a learned set of beliefs which are recognized as those that are expected and rewarded. Some might say culture is everything. It certainly includes the norms, language, symbols, habits, and many other deeply embedded truisms that are often hidden in the shadows of an organization. Successful companies define not only how employees work together but also how to do business.

Why is an aligned culture so important?

Peter Drucker famously said “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  Watson Wyatt illustrated culturally aligned organizations return 286% more value to stakeholders.  James Heskett illustrated that as much as 50% of the competitive difference can be attributed to having a purposefully aligned culture.

An aligned culture can increase productivity by as much as 25%.

Having an aligned culture simply makes everything else easier: physical structure and tools are implemented faster, system and process changes have less resistance and employee engagement increases.  A well-aligned strategy and culture can account for productivity gains by as much as two hours per day for every employee.


Discover your Culture

Exude, powered by Work Effects developed an effective yet simple solution which will help you discover your culture, align your employee’s beliefs, and transform your culture.  Our solution is based on the notion of a creating purposeful culture that is aligned to the strategic goals.  A strategy-driven organization focuses on how individuals create value and how goals are accomplished.  A purposeful culture is unique to your organization and is made of the distinct choices of beliefs on a continuum of good-to-good.  A purposeful culture determines how an individual thinks about how to accomplish these strategic goals.  Despite having similar products, the culture that is right for PepsiCo doesn’t work for Coca-Cola because their strategies differ.  They both have similar organizational needs, however, need different cultural beliefs in order to accomplish their strategic goals.

Is your culture purposely driven to align with your strategy? Understanding how your employees work is essential to creating a lively organizational culture and employer brand – Exude can help you align your culture and strategy to drive business performance.

Ready to get started?

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Marcos Lopez, Founder & CEO

Working Together For You

We work with our clients in achieving their optimal organizational health by ensuring their strategy, culture, and employee experience are aligned. Our team includes experts in human resources and strategy culture alignment – however the power of our deliverable is not in our great individual expertise, but rather when we work together as one.

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