Diversity Consulting

We understand that every organization is at a different place in their diversity and inclusion journey, so your consultant will meet you where you are and put the right solutions in place to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We have solutions to support against stated DEI goals already in place and also for those who have not yet identified these goals.

  • HR Policy and Process Review – Your human resources policies/processes reflect your organization’s culture. Your Exude consultant will review existing policies/processes to identify areas of change needed to remove barriers to discrimination that foster a more inclusive workplace. This includes a review of your organization’s handbook and processes throughout the employee lifecycle to improve inclusion. Once completed, you will receive a findings and recommendations report and will participate a work planning session to identify a plan to operationalize identified changes that support strategic goals.
  • Pay Equity Audits – Pay equity is a core component to creating an inclusive work environment free of discrimination. Exude’s Pay Equity Audit will review salaries throughout your organization considering several variables including gender and race. The goal is to identify potential inequities and recommend strategies to close pay gaps. The end result is a pay strategy that supports a workplace free of pay discrimination.
  • Strategic Diversity Planning – One of Exude’s DEI experts will facilitate a strategic planning session with key stakeholders to identify organizational DEI goals and objectives. In this session, you will review your current diversity strategy and effort and discuss how you want to continue and improve upon your current state.

Interested In Diversity Consulting?