Consulting Through a Crisis

As employers start creating a return to work plan, there are many uncertainties and questions around policies, procedures, and the safety of their employees. Exude’s Human Capital consultants are available to provide guidance and support on some of the most pressing issues facing leaders today including:

Strategic Consulting

Organizational leaders are tasked with making difficult decisions that impact their employees and support business continuity. These decisions have both short term and long term risk and impact. Exude’s seasoned consultants are here to guide you and your organization through these challenging times. Specifically, we can help you with:

  • Workforce Planning/Design

    Are you looking to hire back employees? Or are you in the process of evaluating your current structure to align with your new business needs? Our team can help you assess when, what and how to make these decisions and how to communicate them effectively.

  • Communication Strategies

    How you communicate in times of change will impact your brand reputation and ability to retain and attract talent now and in the future. Do you have the right internal communication strategies in place to effectively communicate with employees throughout times of disruption and uncertainty? What is your communication plan for bringing employees back to the physical workplace? Our team will work with you to develop a communication strategy that address your current needs and aligns with your culture and business strategy.

  • HR Policies and Practices

    As new legislation is passed, we can help your organization implement policies and practices that ensure your compliance with new laws. We will provide advice around communicating new policies around physical workplace regulations, lay offs, and bringing employees back so that you mitigate risk effectively.

  • Change Management

    We’ll help you think about the reactive short-term changes and the proactive long-term change management strategy so that you are effectively managing your employee experience and brand reputation.

Executive Coaching for Leaders

During times of change or disruption, leaders often need a thought partner to help guide them in making business decisions, policy and compliance changes, workforce planning, and developing a communication strategy. Exude has expert executive coaches who will tailor their support to meet executive leaders where they are and help them meet their goals.

  • Executive Coaching Support
    • Coaching leaders in times of business disruption and change
    • Developing skills, strategies and confidence in communication, relationship building and strategic thinking in times of disruption
    • Awareness of unconscious bias in decision making

Training and Development

The following 90-minute, web-based courses are designed to provide managers with knowledge, skills and techniques to lead in times of change and business disruption.

  • Effective Communications During Times of Changes

    Effective communication skills are critical for business during times of planned and unplanned change. Communicating effective up and down an organization builds trust, helps employees adapt to change, increases morale and productivity. This course is designed to develop expertise and provide techniques and tools to enable managers to communicate effectively during times of change.

    Key learning objectives:

    • Discover how your preferences may impact relationships
    • Raise awareness of our communication strengths and blind spots
    • Learn skills and tech to communicate effectively to all
    • Develop a personal plan of action to enhance your day to day workplace communications
  • Managing Change

    In today’s changing business environment we are faced with an unexpected “new normal” as employees are sent home to work. Managers need to be masterful at managing the new normal and maintain a productive the remote workplace. This course is designed to teach managers strategies, techniques and tools to manage teams during planned and unplanned disruptive change.

    Key learning objectives:

    • Enhance your understanding of a leader’s role in managing the “new normal”
    • Recognize common reactions to change and strategies to address
    • Learn techniques for managing yourself and building resiliency
    • Identify and apply tools to help manage change
  • Counteracting the Impact of Unconscious Bias

    Recent global changes have shifted us to a hiring market that is more advantageous for employers than for job seekers. To hire and retain diverse talent, it’s important to keep everyone mindful of how unconscious bias plays out in micro messages and communication blind spots that infect business decisions and talent processes at all level of an organization. This course is designed to develop skills and provide techniques for recognizing unconscious bias and counteracting the impact on the workplace and business decisions.

    Key learning objectives

    • Understand Bias
    • Discover types of unconscious bias and biased behaviors
    • Understand how it infects business decisions how to counteract it.
    • Know how to identify your biases and tip for counteracting them
    • Understand how to communicate more inclusively
  • Effective Performance Management for Remote Teams

    Now more than ever it’s critically important that we know how to be very flexible at managing performance when employees work remotely due to unexpected business disruptions. Managing a remote workforce has inherent challenges and opportunities. The focus of this course is to share best practices for setting expectations with your remote staff as well as tips and techniques for creating an inclusive environment in which they can perform and thrive.

    Key learning objectives:

    • Setting Expectations
      • Performance expectations for remote workers
      • Defining success
      • Communication expectation
    • Motivation
      • Understanding employee motivators
      • Coaching tools
    • Engagement
      • Understanding key drivers of engagement
      • Creating an environment in which employees thrive
      • Tips for engaging remote workforce
      • Time Zone Management
  • Leadership Development Series: Leading Differently

    We are living in a world of business as unusual, and more than ever, leaders will need to be equipped with skills and techniques to manage effectively. Employees have experienced high levels of stress due to the global health pandemic. As employers prepare for the next normal,  41% of the workforce reports fear of returning to the workplace. Managers will have to lead differently to support both the physical and psychological safety of their employees.

    We have designed a three part series that focuses on developing skills, confidence and competence in key areas of communication, managing a blended workforce and managing change. All sessions are 2 hours in length and are conducted virtually.

    Communicate With Empathy

    Key Objectives:

    • Leading differently in next normal workplace
    • Understand the mechanics of empathic communication
    • Listen to people at a deeper level to motivate performance
    • Be able to differentiate between feelings, needs, thoughts, and demands.
    • Techniques for effectively communicating with empathy

    Managing Differently (Onsite and Remote)

    Key Objectives:

    • Preparing Leaders to manage people differently
    • Implementing the reentry plan and redeployment of employees
    • Keeping onsite and remote employees engaged
    • Creating psychological safety and inclusion for your blended team

    Managing Change

    Key Objectives:

    • Understand common reactions to change and strategies to overcome
    • Techniques to maximize team effectiveness in communicating change
    • Building resilience in your direct report and harness the power of trust and empathy
    • Techniques to get others “unstuck” from unproductive responses to change
  • Wellness

    In the midst of managing a situation like the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and worried.  As an employer, helping employees manage these feelings is crucial to your organization’s success and employee’s well-being. Our experts in holistic well-being curated the below virtual training programs to help you and your employees cope during these tumultuous times.

    Learn More Here

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