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Anti-Harassment Training & Solutions

Online Sexual Harassment Training for Employees

Sexual Harassment Training is essential in all states, not just those with mandatory state training laws. That being said, our trainings do meet the federal requirements set by states with mandated laws – New York, Delaware, and California. In this online sexual harassment training program, participants will leave with an understanding of:

  • Federal & State Laws – Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Illegal Behaviors – Overview of The types of conduct that constitutes unlawful sexual harassment
  • What behaviors rise to the level of harassment
  • The difference between poor judgment, a lack of professionalism, and harassment

Classroom Sexual Harassment Training for Managers

In addition to our online compliance training, we offer in person training for managers. In this session participants will leave with an understanding of:

  • The legal requirements governing harassment in the workplace
  • A non-manager and manager’s role/responsibility in maintaining a productive work environment
  • How to recognize what constitutes harassment and retaliation
  • How to identify the key elements of the organization’s anti-harassment policy
  • The steps to take to handle complaints effectively
  • The appropriate corrective action steps to take

Please note that in-person classroom style trainings are available for all levels of employee in addition to the manager training piece. This session is two hours long and can be delivered at your office.

Additional Compliance Services


  • Pre & Post Training Assessment

    By surveying your employees before and after the session, you will have insight as to what was learned and the effectiveness of your sexual harassment training. This survey is done through an eLearning tool, and is no additional cost when purchased with online training.

  • HR Audit

    Exude will have an HR Consultant perform a comprehensive HR Audit of anti-harassment policies and practices, ensuring that they are compliant with state and federal requirements. They will offer recommendations and revisions as needed.

  • Handbook Revision

    Creating and updating an employee handbook on your own can be challenging and expose you to unnecessary risk, especially when dealing with anti-harassment rules and regulations. With Exude’s employee handbook review, we’ll ensure you are compliant with state and federal policies, minimize your liability, and help you save time and money by including all of the appropriate policies and procedures needed to legally protect you.

Want to Learn More?

Anti-Harassment Learning Objectives

In today’s environment employers need to take a closer look at their harassment trainings, practices and policies to remain compliant with state and federal laws. Exude’s anti-harassment training is designed to help all levels of employees understand their responsibility to recognize and address complaints in a manner that promotes a positive and productive work environment. With Exude’s Compliance Solutions, you’re able to choose the program that fits your organization’s needs, whether it’s regulatory compliance training online, in person, or a comprehensive plan with multiple trainings and an audit of your organization’s HR policies & practices.

Benefits of Anti-Harassment Training

There are several benefits to Exude’s Anti-Harassment Training course. You will see an immediate return on your investment in the following ways:

  • Employees and managers will leave this session with an understanding of preventing, recognizing and reporting workplace harassment.
  • The organization will be in compliance and protected from potential lawsuits.
  • Employees will be protected and aware of legal responsibilities.
  • Ultimately providing this type of training will create a more inclusive workplace which will help you attract and retain a more diverse workforce.
  • Ability to track and measure staff completion of programs via eLearning software.

What is Anti-Harassment?

Anti-harassment trainings provide critical information around preventing, identifying, reporting harassment behavior in the workplace.  New state guideline require that employers provide sexual harassment training for staff and managers: