Psychologically Safe Listening Circles

How do you adequately support your team through difficulty, crisis, or trauma? What framework exists to help employees process the personal and collective impact of emotionally charged events?

Listening circles, facilitated by Exude’s Mental Health Expert, Dr. Charryse Johnson, are a powerful coaching tool that can support individuals and teams that are struggling. Offering listening circles to your employees provides a positive way to safely connect with each other while also feeling heard, seen, and supported.

Themes and topics for each listening circle session can be customized to meet the Client’s needs and requests. Some examples of topics are grief, vicarious trauma, managing “mental load,” selfcare/burnout prevention, healthy support systems, and nourishing mind and body.

Session length: 1 hour
Delivery format: Virtual (onsite requests available for additional fee)

NOTE: We recommend offering this as series available throughout the year for continued support and connection. We also have an add-on 3 or 4 week daily text program that can be offered after each listening circle to provide reinforcement & support to participants.

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