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How to Support Leadership Burnout

We know that leaders are struggling dealing with late-stage pandemic fatigue, the great resignation, and managing their own workload while simultaneously dealing with employees and the weight of their struggles, too. An employee’s health is critical in being fully present, efficient, and effective in the workplace, and this behavior must be modeled from the top down. When leaders show that they are taking care of themselves mentally and physically, it allows employees to prioritize their wellbeing.

Executive Leadership Wellbeing Coaching

Our integrative and holistic wellness coaching program helps leaders make high impact changes to gain the energy, resilience, and presence to live well and lead well. Our unique approach creates sustainable change for leaders in all areas of life. We believe that self-leadership is a pre-requisite to becoming a highly effective leader. Our wellness coaching model considers that all areas of a leader’s life is connected. To become a highly effective leader, we must focus on the whole leader.

  • The Four Key Leadership Wellbeing Coaching Program Components
    • The Thriving Self-Leader: Your corporate wellness coach will work one-on-one with you to identify your personal and professional goals using Exude’s Thriving Self-Leader model. The goal is to improve self-leadership that is directly impacted by your well-being: e.g., vitality, self-awareness and self-management, work-life integration, mental focus and adaptability, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and your capacity to influence and inspire others.
    • Emotional Intelligence & Mindset: By leveraging the Birkman assessment and through the cumulative self-awareness gained through each coaching session, your wellness specialist will support you in developing the interpersonal competencies that will have the biggest effect on your leadership objectives. You will also have access to tools for developing a healthy, positive, and resilient mindset.
    • Stress Management & Mindfulness: Through objective, honest and confidential feedback, your corporate wellness consultant will work in partnership with you on improving your stress management behaviors and how to prevent the emotional hijackings that negatively impact decision making. You’ll also learn how to implement the key skills required to lead mindfully, engage in better thinking, and produce better outcomes for yourself and your team.
    • Physical Wellbeing: Your program will include an optional health and lifestyle assessment that will enable your coach to provide customized recommendations on various topics such as physical activity, nutrition, and sleep.

Leadership Wellbeing Training & Development

Another effective tool in helping leaders who are struggling is leadership wellbeing training and development. With our leadership wellbeing trainings, leaders will not only learn the importance of self-care, but will also learn techniques for stress management and resilience that will positively impact employee engagement, psychological safety, inclusiveness, productivity, morale, and the overall success of your organization.

  • Leveraging the Birkman for Team Health

    This Birkman Team Health workshop helps to surface and to address many of the challenges teams face, such as better understanding communications patterns, generating innovative solutions, and aligning goals. By having each participant view their own results, and also safely and productively mapping out team results, learners are able to better understand why certain relationship may be smoother than others. The health and productive conversation using the Birkman model plus real examples within the team makes for a profound discussion to help the team move forward.

    Learning Objectives:​

    • Create psychological safety to discuss individual styles and get more team input​
    • Increase emotional intelligence by developing self and others awareness​
    • Improve collaboration by helping teams apply their differentiators to improve performance​
    • Gain an understanding of individual and team strengths, overused strengths, motivators, and expectations​
  • Leadership Health

    As organizations continue to experience the compounding effect of pressures both inside and outside of work, equipping leaders how to manage their own resilience and total wellbeing is becoming more important. Leaders have their own employee experience and they also have a significant ripple effect for the team members they interact with and influence. Low levels of resilience takes a toll on health, mood, cognitive capacity which all impact morale, discretionary effort, and productivity. During this interactive training, we will discuss the importance of resilience, self-care, and leadership and provide practical ways to enhance both personal and team effectiveness.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Recognize the impact that both stress and change can have on leaders and how that influences their overall adaptability.
    • Create moments of self-awareness for individuals to reflect on what is influencing their wellbeing and what they can control/shift.
    • Learn and practice science-based resilience strategies that you and your team can apply for increasing well-being and overall team health.

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Karla Chin, Director of Total Wellbeing, ready to provide training needed to improve overall employee wellbeing.
Karla Chin, Director of Total Wellbeing

Total Well-Being Solutions

We know being a leader can be stressful, that’s why we’re here to help. Exude’s wellbeing solutions are available to help bring you and your employees stress management and resilience techniques to help you through tough times.

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