Diversity Strategy

Diversity Strategy Overview

At Exude, we don’t believe in checking the box on DEI; there needs to be a larger diversity strategy, or the efforts can and will backfire.  If you have a strategy, we can provide feedback and insights based on what we are seeing across the industry.  If you need help defining your strategy, we’ve got your back there too.  Below is a visual that lays out many of the possible elements of a DEI strategy.  As we focus on All Things People, our strategic work focuses on the second row of boxes but we’ll need to understand the first to connect

Exude will lead your senior leadership team through a strategic consulting & planning process to help identify and align on key goals and objectives for your DEI Strategic Plan. The result of the process is a DEI Strategic Plan that will serve as a clear roadmap for implementing your DEI strategy.  Your consultant will guide you through the process outlined below:

  • Intake

    Our consultant will meet with your Senior Leadership Team, DEI Committee and other identified leaders/stakeholders. Meetings will focus on the following:

    • Initial meeting with the executive sponsor and DEI committee to initiate partnership and to refine and support the DEI goals and planned activities.
    • Gathering information on your current DEI approach, accomplishments and insights gained.
    • Clarifying priorities and logistical parameters and any other organization-specific guidelines that influence the project.
  • Pre-Planning Session Questionnaire

    Delivered electronically two weeks prior to the strategic planning session, this confidential questionnaire gathers perceptions of the leadership team with regards to the DEI efforts and focus to date. Your Exude consultant will aggregate data and introduce themes identified at the strategic planning session. This serves to give the facilitator insight as to the alignment of the leadership team.

  • Strategic Planning Session

    Your Exude consultant will facilitate a two-hour strategic planning session with senior leadership to define your plan. Your leadership team will work together to identify your organization’s current DEI strengths and opportunities. They will identify priorities and outline a comprehensive and manageable plan that aligns with your goals and helps your organization infuse DEI throughout your business.

    In this session, leaders will:

    • Discuss current culture, strengths and opportunities informed by DEI Questionnaire findings.
    • Establish a vision of future DEI culture, needs and key focus areas.
    • Outline a strategic plan aligned to your organization’s overall strategic plan.
    • Identify objectives, initiatives, quick wins, measures and next steps.
  • DEI Strategic Plan

    In conjunction with your senior leadership, our consultant will draft a comprehensive DEI Strategic Plan informed by the planning session. They will present their findings and recommendations and will include:

    • Prioritized goals and objectives.
    • Project(s) outline, including refined planned activities, and detailed tasks.
    • Communication plan.
    • Timeline for deliverables, milestones and status updates.
    • Best practices for engaging employees in the improvements, initiatives, and programs that we know will help institutionalize DEI in your culture.

    This document will serve as a tool to guide your DEI efforts. Once your DEI initiatives are activated, we will review and update your strategic plan regularly to ensure your DEI efforts on track.

Our Consultants

Our consultants customize their approach to meet the development needs of our clients. Our cadre of highly qualified HR consultants have designations ranging from PHR to PHD, and provide support in all areas of human resources including diversity and inclusion, executive coaching, strategic compensation and general HR support. To learn more about their backgrounds, please visit our Consultants page.

Interested In Creating a Diversity Strategy?

Alison DiFlorio, Managing Partner, Human Capital Consulting

Working Together For You

Exude’s DEI work helps you create a space where people can be their best self…and their whole self. We meet our clients where they are on their journey and provide the needed support to help them reach their goals.

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