Director of Sales, Human Capital

Kira Russell

Let's Think a Little Bigger

Kira Russell joined Exude Human Capital in May 2022.

As Director of Sales, Kira is responsible for identifying new partnership opportunities and leading revenue strategy for Exude Human Capital.
Before joining Exude, Kira successfully managed and scaled sales teams at several marketing, technology and advertising companies.
Her sales leadership journey has included being part of corporate acquisitions, an IPO event and organizational merges and restructuring.

Her personal motto is “Show up with the three P’s: personable, prepared and positive” and her business and leadership philosophies are centered around using storytelling to convey and identify issues and data and trend analysis to solve problems.

With employee-side experience in building corporate ERG’s, Kira brings insightful ideas and captures often overlooked details to improving DEI initiatives. Kira works within the DEI, Leadership and Development and HRO practice areas at Exude.