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Why Should You Be Offering Voluntary Benefits?

/ March 5, 2018 March 5, 2018

Most employers plan to take advantage of Voluntary Benefits to enrich existing core benefit plans (83%) and to augment the Total Rewards package (74%).

Here’s why. It helps employers:

Stay Competitive – 79% of 5,000 employees surveyed in a study see a growing need for voluntary insurance.

Find the right talent – Offering benefits above and beyond the bare minimum will help in attracting and retaining great employees.

Control Costs – Voluntary policies can be offered at no direct cost to the employer and provide cash directly to the policyholder.In turn, this reduces costs associated with turnover.

• Manage Productivity – Voluntary benefits would offer a layer of protection for employees when they’re sick or injured (regardless of their major medical insurance coverage). causing them less stress and improved productivity.

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