Total Rewards


Exude offers innovative, results-based solutions designed to help organizations create thriving workplaces where employees are healthier, happier, engaged, and high performing. Our holistic and approach addresses the “whole” employee and takes into account that their well-being directly impacts productivity, engagement, and the overall success of your organization. We not only focus on the physical component of wellness but also build in emotional and psychological components.


Support with assessing, designing and/or managing well-being program for your organization.

Training & Development

Training series designed to teach essential skills for increasing well-being, engagement, morale, and productivity. Topics include: science of happiness, resilience, mindset, emotional intelligence, willpower, dealing with change, energy management, and self-care.

Executive Coaching

Private coaching that addresses the “whole leader.” Customized health & nutrition recommendations will also be provided.



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Did you know well-being impacts these other areas?

Property and Casualty

Did you know that employees with multiple risk factors accounts for significantly higher workers compensation payments than in healthy employees? Our P&C team takes this into account when designing workers comp plans.
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Employee Engagement

Total rewards are more than money and benefits. Its’ work life balance and culture which are contributors to engagement.
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Employee Benefits

Designing a benefits strategy that promotes the use of preventative care can drive down benefits costs, improve employee health and lead to lower instances of high claimants.
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Employment Policies & Procedures

Having the right procedures in place creates alignment within your organization. Clear policies & procedures influence the entire employee experience and will help optimize your business.
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Working Together For You

We work with our clients in achieving their optimal organizational health by ensuring their strategy, culture, and employee experience are aligned. Our team includes individuals in their respective fields – however, the power of our deliverable is not in our great individual expertise, but rather when we work together as one.

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