Risk Management & Commercial Insurance

We become your outsourced Risk Management Department & surpass the average broker relationship by proactively combating risks for your operations at no extra expense.

We institute a proactive plan to prevent and reduce risks BEFORE they occur and supported by a team of professionals to handle any project. Our Risk Management & Commercial Insurance Division offers a wide variety of programs that may suit your needs. Find out more about how we can help:

It is our duty to address the exposures of our clients holistically, we audit and analyze all risks; not just insurance policies. We make your risks our #1 priority! Our goal is to protect our client’s assets through reducing their overall cost of risk, we accomplish this by:

  •  Assessing your operational risks
  • Mutually developing a plan to address those risks
  • Allocating time and resources to visit and inspect your operations to gain first-hand perspective
  • Reviewing your insurance program to determine whether the appropriate risks are addressed as well as confirming the best possible value is achieved

Some of those risks are insurable via policy but all must be handled by procedures/best practices. We make ourselves accountable to our client throughout the year to work with you to reduce your risks to:

  • Protect staff/clients
  • Reduce claims
  • Reduce premiums
  • Improve operations
  • Protect revenue stream

We will determine what, if any, improvements we can make within the following areas of your operations:

  • Claims Management/Advocacy
  • Safety Programs
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Human Resources/Compliance Issues
  • Contract Reviews
  • Personal data/Cash Flow procedures
  • Harassment Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Certificate Management
  • Policy Coverage and Premiums
  • Supplier redundancy, etc.