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Shemelia has been a member of the Exude team since 2001. As a consultant, she enjoys making an impact for her clients and their employees. Shemelia holds her PA License in Accident and Health, Life and Fixed Annuities, and is a Certified Self-Funded Professional. She also holds a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist designation of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Should Supplemental Benefits Be Part of Your Benefits Package?

Should supplemental benefits be part of your benefits package? Some would answer that question as, “it depends on whether your organization is a for profit or a non-profit.” Let’s first level-set what I am referring to as “supplemental benefits”. For...

/ September 1, 2017

Medicaid & The Healthcare Debate in America

Medicaid & The Healthcare Debate in America Medicaid is by far one of the single most far-reaching aspects of the healthcare debate that should not be ignored by employers.  For a certainty, the effect of the proposed caps and reductions on...

/ June 23, 2017

Should You Make Changes To Your Health Plan Offerings?

“We just can’t consider making any changes this year to our plan offerings and certainly not a change to how we fund our benefits.  The cost of offering our services is up , funding of our programs is down and...

/ January 8, 2017